The Verstead Mechanism

Our custom built approach can design, build, ship and scale your vision in the most efficient way


All great missions start off from a discovery where we discover each other. You have that perfect idea, and we have the perfect team to materialize it. We start off with a simple meeting where we get to know your idea, brainstorm for a bit.


If you already have a feature list in doc, that is awesome! If not, our analyst will start right after to create an initial proposal. In another 1 - 2 meetings, we will discover and finalize all the features that you envision - just the abstracts.


The features are now a bit more refined, with more detailing. Our engineering team would jump right in to provide solutions to any obstacle we find on our way. If a feature still needs a bit more thinking, that’s alright! We can move right ahead while we process it in the background.


Once the specification is looking golden, we attach the boosters and are ready to engage.


The most exciting phase is the countdown. We get you onboard into our project management and communication tools. We finalize the timeline. Timeline gets converted to a Sprint breakdown.
Project Management
Sprint Planning
Quality Gate
Countdown reaches zero, the journey starts. Slow at first but quickly gaining rapid traction.


Orbiting is our iterative development process that allows us to be super agile in the process. We consider each Sprint as a mini-project that concludes with a tangible release.

Analysis & Docs

Our analysts refine requirements and work with you to gain an in-depth view ahead of the Sprint. Every little detail gets into documentation.


Designers finalize the UI/UX and materialize features into click-through design prototypes.


Sprint starts and engineering team gets cracking on the requirement.


Feature is released to the quality team in the last week of the Sprint. Any issues will be ironed out.


We get the release output as an artifact and release it in our staging servers for you to test - allowing UAT from the 1st Sprint itself!


Your feedback is added back to the backlogs to be prioritized and merged into future Sprints

Orbiting continues in each Sprint, and concludes with a Feedback Sprint where we tackle all remaining issues.


At the end of the Orbiting is the Release. We guide you right through the complexities of going live!


We got traction! We will consult you through your scaling process, going from the first user to the one millionth user and beyond.

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